Student Expectation for Football Games

The first game of the 2017 GCMS Football season is this Friday!  We hope to see a big crowd, including many students.  If you are a planning on attending the game, please keep the following expectations in mind.


  • Do not bring balls into the game (footballs, basketballs, nerf, etc.) They will be confiscated by supervisors if brought in.
  • Do not throw any objects (kids will use bottles or other objects in place of footballs and throw them around). These can be even more dangerous than footballs.
  • Do not chase each other or get physical with each other (tag and tackling get out of control around other spectators) There should be no reason to be running.
  • STAY OFF of the tennis courts and from behind the big red shed. (we constantly have to chase kids off of the courts and from sitting on the tennis court nets)
  • Stay away from the visitors seating/standing area (kids will walk the LOOP around the football field and track) Nothing good can come from our kids in the visitors area.
  • Stay off of the softball bleachers

Thank you for your cooperation in making our home athletic contests safe for all spectators.

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