Durre, Tania

High School English Email:  durre.tania@gcmsk12.org Website

Kostoff, Erica

High School Literature Teacher Email: kostoff.erica@gcmsk12.org Website

Funk, Angie

High School English Teacher Email: funk.angie@gcmsk12.org Website

Rubarts, Taylor

8th Grade English Email: rubarts.taylor@gcmsk12.org Website  

Berry, Mark

Middle School Social Studies and Language Arts Teacher Email: berry.mark@gcmsk12.org Website

Leitz, Deanna

Middle School Literature Teacher Email: leitz.deanna@gcmsk12.org Website  

Freehill, Deanna

Middle School Literature and Social StudiesTeacher Email: freehill.deanna@gcmsk12.org  Website  

Gibson, Jill

7th Grade Language Arts Teacher Email: gibson.jill@gcmsk12.org Website