Middle School Students of the Month

During the past month, the following students were nominated for the Student of the Month award at GCMS Middle School by staff members at each grade level:

6th Grade

Peyton Leonard
Elaina Stroh
Kaylee Rogers
Olivia Johnson
Katja Walls
Markus Miquel
Sydney Freese
Wyatt Schlickman
Alexis Darbutt
Ashley Hyatt
Zander Wier
Brock Phillips
Emily Hood

7th grade:

Ryleigh Brown
Bella Amburgey
Tyler Kollross
Michaela Dykes
Emma Swanson
Aaron Spears
Caden Miller
Ray Jones
Haley Brown
Danielle McCarty
Jacob Ard

8th grade:

Emma Kurtenbach
Katie Kamman
Lauren Leonard
Caleb Dunham
Cole Maxey
Ethan Duke
Summer Roesch
Emily Clinton
Trent Heldebrandt
Alex Williams

The winners of the student of the month, as voted on by the
faculty, were:

6th grade: Peyton Leonard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Leonard of Gibson City
7th grade: Tyler Kollross, son of Ms. Michelle Hansen of Saybrook and Mr. Anthony
Kollross of Gibson City
8th grade: Lauren Leonard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Leonard of Gibson City

If you have questions related to our student of the month program, please call Mr. Darnell or Joan Broaddus at the middle school @ 217 784-8731.

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