Middle School Student of the Month

During the past month, the following students were nominated for the October Student of the Month awards at GCMS Middle School by staff members at each grade level:

6th Grade: Megan Moody, Brooke Breeden, Andrew Laughery, Ashley Spears, Andrew Girkin, Joe Allen, Quentin Schultz, Josh Nuss, Matt Hunt, Claire Retherford, Makenzie Bielfeldt

7th Grade: Haylie Ponton, Alison Andreae, Nate Schutte, Bailey Long, Megan Volker, Emily Lange, Brooks Schmitt, Jeremy Steidinger, Jaiden Bell, Mitchell Meenen, Kaitlynn Kietzman

8th Grade: Branden Blanck, Kyle Freehill, Wes Quimby, Taylor Engel, J.J. Donner, Lauren Duquette, Caleb Pulley, Adrienne Conover, Sasha Thompson, Gideon Kerber, Shannon Shoemaker, Jessalyn Davis

The winners of the October Student of the Month, as voted on by the faculty, were:

6th Grade:  Megan Moody, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Moody of Gibson City.

7th Grade:  Nathan Schutte, son of Ms. Kristen Schutte of Gibson City and Mr. Scott Schutte of Bloomington.

8th Grade:  Taylor Engel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Engel of Elliott.

If you have any questions related to our student of the month program, please call Mr. Darnell or Joan Broaddus at the GCMS Middle School.

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