Middle School December Students of the Month

During the past month, the following students were nominated for the December Student of the Month awards at GCMS Middle School by staff members at each grade level:
6th Grade: Nathan Garard, Paige Shelton, Layne Harden, Julian Kennedy, Sydnee Barnes, Chris Hood, Ryland Holt, Gabby Dammkoehler, Tyler Ricks, Samantha Groover, Ally Roberts, Sydney Funk
7th Grade: Alexus Wilfong, Cameron Cail, Austin Hileman, Brooke Wilfong, Alexa Odell, Luke Freehill, Breeann Dix, Megan Meunier, Nick Tabor, Race Crim, Jeremy Steidinger, Lane Timmons, John Gregory, Michael Tjarks
8th Grade: Tara Hoffmann, Jessalyn Davis, Emily Sommer, Garrett Workman, JJ Rogers, Taylor Kafer, Rose Williams, Mathew Measaw, Shreya Patel, Wes Quimby, Dylan Brownlee
The winners of the December Student of the Month, as voted on by the faculty, were:
6th Grade:  Tyler Ricks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ricks of Gibson City.
7th Grade:  Megan Meunier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meunier of Melvin.
8th Grade:  Rose Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Williams of Melvin.
If you have any questions related to our student of the month program, please call Mr. Darnell or Joan Broaddus at the GCMS Middle School.
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