9/8/2015 Reading Incentive Update

Updates on The Falcon Reading Challenge

Updates on The Falcon Reading Challenge

Our students continue to grow as readers, here are some highlights from this week!

4D has built up to 30 minutes of stamina in class and writing excellent responses to their books in their book notes.

2D had a GREAT finish to the week in “Read to Self” – we are up to 13 minutes of stamina AND our readers are getting started immediately each day without reminders to do so!

The base line has been set, last week all of the 5th grade students read a total of 8099 minutes. 5A read 2946 minutes while 5B was a close second with 2418. 5C with 1895 and 5D read 840 minutes. Mrs. Seneca can’t wait to see how many improve next week!

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