September 29 2017 BUG Winners

9/29/2017 BUG Winners

Every week the staff at GCMS Elementary catches students that are BUGs (Being Unbelievably Good), and at the end of the week BUG representatives from each grade level are chosen. Here are this week’s winners!

Front row-

1st= Ariana Hall, Mallory Purden, Chance Hewitt, Annelise Cornell
K= Daisy Stafford, Lexi Farmer, Ben Roesch, Shyanne Sneedon, Cameryn Wilson
Middle row-
3rd= Kaden Molck, Bianca Stafford
2nd= Jacob Zook, Taylor Willis, Cameron  Kaeding, Ruby Pollard
Back row-
5th= Paul Baillie, Will Baillie, Kaylee Schoolcraft, Lizzie Giroux
4th= Mason Doman, Jack Andrews, Vaida Adkins, Denver Johnson
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