November 10 BUG Winners

11/10/2017 BUG Winners

Every week the staff at GCMS Elementary catches students that are BUGs (Being Unbelievably Good), and at the end of the week BUG representatives from each grade level are chosen. Here are this week’s winners!

Front row-

K= Ashton Lage, Reid Miller, Case Jester, Daxel Phillips, Kaitlyn Whitehouse
1st= Sam Wachstetter, Kaleb Wayne, Abby Rogers, Chance Hewitt
Middle row-
2nd= Elena Pollard, Bailey Bunting, Brandon Boma, Hope Bordenga
3rd= Hunter Hansen, Livi Wilson, Jodi Bauer, Avery Hyatt
Back row-
4th= Aiden Killian, Hunter Milligan, Jack Andrews, Colin Rogers
5th= Braxtyn Robinson, Thais Rodriguez, Allison Taylor, Preston Williams, Spencer Kleist
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