10/6/2015 Reading Incentive Update

Updates on The Falcon Reading Challenge

Here are the latest updates from the awesome readers at GCMS Elementary!

2D had our BEST “read to self” times last week with all students on task! So proud!!!!!

In 2A, Natalie, Lane, Caylynn, Aubrey, Daisy, Aiden, Hunter, and Dev have met their reading goal every week so far!

3A earned a Reading Marathon party for collecting all of their brownie points as a class! We got cozy on Pajama day with our pillows, blankets and favorite stuffed animal to build our stamina for a WHOLE HOUR! Ms. Titus even came in to share a special book with us where we got to practicing reading into the pictures, too. Your teachers are so proud of you, 3A!

In K5, Camden, Cameron, Kathy Jo, and Ian have returned there reading minutes every week.

Everyone in 4B has turned in at least one reading minutes sheet this year. 16 out of 19 students have met their goal every week this quarter!

Half of K1 has brought back their reading minutes each week.

Updates on The Falcon Reading Challenge

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