10/26/2017 BUG Winners

Every week the staff at GCMS Elementary catches students that are BUGs (Being Unbelievably Good), and at the end of the week BUG representatives from each grade level are chosen. Here are this week’s winners!

Front row-
K= Erin Lynch, Rhilynn Miller, Hadley Elder, Jack Eichelberger, Ben Roesch
1st= Dayne White, Mallory Purden, Chance Hewitt

Middle row-
2nd= Landon Elder, Emma Price, Kyra Morano, Taylor Willis
3rd= Catherine Cimino, Jason Christensen, Kasen DeFries, Ayden Jennings

Back row-
4th= Trent Wetherell, Emma Kelly, Bella Young, Alyssa Morgan
5th= Kaden Martin, Carter Eichelberger, Parker Baillie, Mallory Rosendahl

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